Month: November 2014

Upholstery and trim: Taking care of boat looks, longevity and safety

Just like a car owner and the typical car roof lining repair when it gets old, a boat owner will have to periodically change their upholstery. There is a wide range of fabrics and designs available, but this should never be the only factor to consider. The Upholstery material chosen should be one that gives…

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Deciding if A Radar Detector is Right For You

At some point every driver finds themselves cruising down the road, in the zone during a long drive, listening to the music or radio blasting from your Perth car audio system. It’s all so routine that you don’t notice that there are police nearby until you see their lights start flashing. Your heart is racing,…

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How To Identify The Best Windscreen Supplier

Every person in the modern society wants to be mobile. The pride of driving to work, chauffeuring family members to a holiday, and even pulling to cocktails is making more people go to great lengths in ensuring their own motor vehicles. In line with this, auto spares are in great demand as vehicle break down…

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