One of the best ways to alter your car’s look is to install body kits, spoilers, a new set of rims or change the tail lights. Nevertheless, these kinds of modification as seen by some people as a way to ruin a car’s natural beauty by completely disrupting its flowing lines, thus creating a mess that is hard to look at. For such people, there are not a whole lot of visual customisation options they can for. Their best possible choice is to go for a new paint job for their car, a colour that is completely different than the one it is currently painted in.Before you dive in head first with a car painting project, you should take care to read through the following to ensure that you are fully ready to commit your time and money into this modification, which will ultimately not do much other than add visual appeal (unless your car body’s paint is in awful condition and needs a repaint anyways).

Costs – While the total cost for a whole body paint job depends on the spray painters you choose for the job, remember that it is never going to be cheap. After all, a good paint job needs a lot of work and time to make sure it comes looking as good as if it was applied by the factory. The type of paint will also affect costs. Some colours, especially metallic or pearlescent ones, are several times more expensive than normal glossy colours.

Time Taken – As already discussed, painting a car is a job that is inevitably going to take a lot of time. The time taken can also increase due to the prep work that is necessary to get your car ready to be painted. If your car’s body is mostly immaculate, then it is only a case of sanding it down and applying a new coat of paint. If not, be prepared to take your car to the local panel beaters to fix scratches, dents and other irregularities, as well as removing rust that may have accumulated in several areas of the car body.

Quality of the Paint Job – If you were wondering why there is such a large discrepancy between the prices quoted by a few different painters, here’s the reason: quality of the paint job. Painting a car is something that requires a lot of experience, particularly so when dealing with less than ideal car bodies and special kinds of paints and effects, like pearlescent paints or two tone effects. Cheapening out on your paint job might mean that you will have to settle for low quality work.

Painting on Your Own – Some people even consider about repainting their cars as a DIY exercise. This, unfortunately, is not recommended as only a few have good enough skills to spray paint their cars. For these people, resorting to a professional car painter is a much better idea.