Tint is a multilayered filling that is applied to the windscreens of cars to reduce heat, harmful ultraviolet rays and glare. When applied the film is cut and thoroughly cleaned followed by the film application. Normally a water based solution is used to move into position and a squeegee is used to expel excessive water. The tint is usually applied to the surface to the inside surface of the car screen. The tint also gives the car a unique look to the car.

For some people repairs to the offer the opportunity for adding new fixtures, and autoglass repair is no exception. When repairing and one wants to put a tint, one usually is made aware that tint darkness is defined by percentage. This percentage determines how much light is allowed in. Darkest films are 35 percent and keep 65% of the light out. There are 12 films to choose from depending on the legal requirements of one area.

To ensure a quality finish when tinting during car windscreen replacement, door rims are always removed to ensure the film extends past the rubbers found at the base of the door windows. This is an industry standard and should always be applied so as to get the perfect finish for any automobile undergoing such repairs. Make sure the technician understands the need and requirements before beginning work.

When doing car window replacements older fillings are removed before applying a new tint. Removal is often time consuming all will occasionally cost more based on the labour involved. Removing of all tint is done from the rear of the screen through the use of a steaming method to reduce the damage on the demister bars. Damage on this bar could affect the general fixture of the repairs.

After every car side window replacement repairs and tint the car should be left for 24 hours, there will be a streaky effect noticeable with what looks like bubbles in the windows. This is normal as there will be water in between the glass and the film that needs to dry out before it cures totally. Curing usually takes 2 days, but in cool weather this curing period is longer and may take up to a week to have that desired quality effect.