Are you planning on relocating your factory? When relocating a business or a factory there are many things that need to be looked into. Especially when it comes to a factory there are many external factors that will affect this decision. Read below to find out the factors that will affect the decision of relocating the factory.

The Environmental factor

When you are relocating a factory you will have to deal with many external factors. One of the main ones being the environment. Every country has different laws in regards to environmental pollution. And most often than not they have a percentage of pollution that can be released in to the air. And that too a compensation needs to be paid. And other forms of dumping is strictly prohibited in most nations and as the factory management you will have to find an appropriate way of disposing the waste. So when you are relocating you will need to find a place that is suitable to set up a factory, and one that doesn’t have much issues.


Your employees will be your major concern. If you are relocating your factory to a completely different city or town you may have to deal with some backlash from the employees. Especially if it means that they need to travel far from their homes. You will have to deal with a large turnover as well. Therefore, ensure that the relocation of the factory doesn’t cause most of the workers to leave. You can offer a solution of providing accommodation for the workers. But then again you need to look into your budget to see if you can consider such an option. If you are producing 6061 aluminum and need the specific workers to ensure the entire process runs smoothly then you will need to employ some retention techniques to ensure those workers stay!

Machinery and equipment

When it comes to factories whether you are one of the aluminium suppliers Melbourne or produce high end vehicles, you will have specific machinery and equipment that you will need to have in your factory. And most of the time these machineries and equipment have specific regulations that need to be fulfilled. For instance space is a major concern, temperature and storage facilities are some others. So, you will need to look for a place to be able to store and maintain all the machinery and equipment.

Security concern

Another very important factor is the security of the location. Although it is best to set up the factory in a far off location with little or no outside interaction, there is also the concern for the security of the factory. You will need to employ all the possible security measures and take into consideration the reputation of the location you are relocating to.