The car is cases something that is love you more than even a person. A car is a device that your reliably and steadily through even the most toughest use. with this in mind most people consider cars as a lovable companion similar to that of the fraction given to and received from a dog. People sometimes care more for their car then they do care for their own family. While this may seem weird for some it is actually quite normal for most other people. this is actually true for people who call themselves petrolheads and who love motor vehicles. However, the sad part comes when come day you have to say goodbye to the vehicle and have it either given away or scrapped away because it no longer is a possible option to repair or sell the car.When it comes to the end of the life of the car, there are two ways that the car can go. One is through the sale to someone else or in the more worst case through the destruction of the car itself. This means that the car will have to be scrapped and destroyed or given away to someone else to do what they will with it. Some companies will give better cash for cars so that they can be cannibalized for parts for other cars and to even be sold to other people like movie companies that want to use the car for stunts that would ideally require the destruction of the cars themselves. This is a sad fate for the cars but there is a point that this will most likely be the final fate of the car.

The other fate that a car can face is when it taken down to the scrap yard where the car will be sold off or traded off as cash for scrap metal Adelaide from the car. These cars are those that are no longer useable and are not within the possibility of repair and reuse. This means that the cars have to be thrown away and destroyed and the parts sold for scraps. This where you would have seen in movies where the car is crushed into a small box and then shipped away with other such boxes to metal factories. here they will me melted down and used to make other metal items, possibly even a new car. However again this one possible sand ending for the car. Whatever the case is, giving away your car to such a sad place is something that might eventually have to be done. This will always be a sad moment for the owners of the car but it is in a way the sad cycle of life for these cars.