Sport Utility Vehicles, or SUVs in short, have recently gained traction as an excellent type of vehicle for most people looking to buy a car of their own. Features such as higher ground clearance and ample seating capacity are popular with buyers nowadays, and somehow SUVs seem to thick all boxes when it comes to added features that most customers expect. This huge rise in the popularity of SUVs also means that virtually all vehicle manufacturers have tried their hand at making something that could let them get a share of the worldwide market. From a customer’s point of view, this has both advantages and disadvantages: for one, you can a vehicle that is truly suited to your personal lifestyle and your needs. On the other hand, it can be quite difficult to pick the best vehicle from the multitude of choices that are presented to you at once.For this reason, you may want to follow this checklist the next time you head out for your next SUV purchase:

The SizeSUVs nowadays range from compact, car-like models to behemoths fitted with body lift kits nissan navara d22 which can seat just as many people as a minivan. Of course, this means that you will need to consider factors like your current needs, spending capacity, maintenance costs, driving skills and availability of parking space before making a choice. Once you narrow down your preferred SUV categories, you are free to select a specific model which satisfies your requirements.

Seating CapacitySUVs will normally seat five passengers, but the larger ones can fit even more inside. Six, seven, eight and even nine-seater SUVs are available, with most of them including a third row of seat in the back to accommodate the extra passengers. The size of your family, availability of a mini-van as a second vehicle and even the frequency of road trips may affect your choice in this regard.

Off-Road CapabilityA common misconception among buyers is the fact that all SUVs can be taken off-road without issue. The truth is that some models (especially 2WD ones) are only intended for road use, and will not fare well on the dirt. If superb off-roading capabilities are what you are looking for, look for body-lift-kitdedicated 4WD off-roaders with locking differentials. You may also want to have a body lift kits toyota hilux  or similar vehicle fitted on it to increase ground clearance.

Available Trim LevelsMost car manufacturers nowadays offer several trim levels on their vehicles, having more and more features with the increase in price. Among the many accessories offered on SUVs, try to get essentials like reverse cameras, power sockets and decent climate control by choosing a trim level which includes them.