This has always been a point of concern especially among ladies that what if the keys of the car get lost or somebody has stolen the cheap car key cutting in Adelaide along with, other stuff such as: bags and wallet? There have been debates conducted in order to identify the ways to get rid of this situation because it could happen with anybody not just with the female drivers. So there are some cool ways to open a car without car keys, after reading this one is not supposed to be worried regarding car unlocking so let’s roll:

Tennis ball trick:

it is considered as one of the most common method to open a car door without a right car key locksmith. All you need is the tennis ball surprised? Okay! take a normal tennis ball and with the help of a normal screw driver just make a fine hole in that tennis ball (make sure the screw driver does not pass out of the tennis ball) which means make a hole on just one side. Now just take the tennis ball and point that hole on the keyhole, rest is just the technique to press the hole on the car key hole properly. After placing the hole on the car key hole punch the tennis ball firmly (don’t punch it too hard, or too soft) a moderate punch would be fine, with the help of the air pressure the lock will be tripped open. This method is now so common that people are carrying holed tennis ball in their bags for just in case purpose.

Infrared beam:

This is not so common and is used mostly when the keys are locked inside and the owner is standing out of the car with the remote of the car. Now the player comes in, similarly there are certain gadgets which must be available in order to make this trick work. First, there should be another remote somewhere and that someone, somewhere must have a phone with Bluetooth or infra. Now the tricks comes in. simultaneously, the person with another remote should point the remote on the infrared point of the cellphone, and the person standing in front of the car should point the cellphone towards the car (the infra point portion), as the 2nd person with the car remote will press the remote button it will automatically open the car which is already locked on that side.

The above two methods are not just the only ones, one can easily find different car key unlocking techniques on Google and /or YouTube. Keeping in view the convenience of the person any trick can be applied and any trick may or may not work under circumstances.