The most common reason for people to sell their cars is due to growing family such as kids growing up, additions to the family or even pets. Another reason is social status. With an increase in income and lifestyles comes betterment of the car they drive. Another reason why people sell their cars is for financial requirements. When people need a large sum of money in a short period of time for urgent purposes like medical emergencies, naturally selling their car is a necessary requirement. Therefore no matter what the reason may be, cars are usually sold to the market as used cars. Here are a few ways to make sure you sell your car easily. 

Appearance Does Matter

Take time to clean the inside and outside of your car. It must be maintained throughout the time you are trying to sell it. If the paintwork and frame needs to be worked on take your care to a professional panel beater and get the job done. Presentation is key in selling used cars and may also help you earn a little extra.


You car must be priced reasonably. Unrealistic prices can drive customers away immediately. Do some research and gauge the market. Search the internet for help. Also if you are pricing your used car above the market price explain in detail to potential customers the reason for it like standard parts, high maintenance etc.


Advertising is a way to reach out to the market and this is very important. You can advertise online and this is quite cheap and simple. You can also advertise on local newspapers and distribute flyers. Do not share too many personal details but you definitely must explain in detail the features and extras of your Car.

Faults and Repairs

Car service Burwood and repairs must be done so that all minor faults in your Car are fixed. Do not list your car for sale before this process is done. If you are not willing to fix and repair your car inform the customer about the faults but this will bring down the resale value of your Car. A proper serviced car is more attractive to customers.


The owners manually, log book and service records must be kept ready to show the buyer for inspection. Make sure you include the receipts of all the new fittings you added to the car such as new tires and driving lights.


Once you and the buyer have agreed on the transaction provide them with a receipt and make sure you keep a signed copy for yourself.